Traditional Tsoureki
Chocolate Tsoureki
White Chocolate Tsoureki
Sliced Tsourekia
1 thumb Traditional Tsoureki
2 thumb Chocolate Tsoureki
3 thumb White Chocolate Tsoureki
4 thumb Sliced Tsourekia
5 thumb Tsourekia


Tsoureki - Greek Easter bread, is traditionally made during Greek Orthodox Easter and eaten after lent on Easter Sunday. It’s extremely popular and it’s available here at Serano all year round!

Tsourekia are very light and not too sweet. They are very aromatic and contain the Mahlepi spice witch comes from the seeds of the Mahaleb cherry. It is perfect for breakfast or with a coffee in the afternoon.

What’s even better than a Tsoureki fresh out of the oven? Chocolate covered Tsourekia or Chocolate covered Tsourekia filled with hazelnut spread! Oh yes, they are something special!!!!

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