Bougatsa, CroissantNothing says Greece more than fresh Croissants and Bougatsa for breakfast!
KokkakiaMini Kokkakia, just enough to satisfy your sweet tooth!
PastesWide Selection of Pastes to take home or to a friendís house!
TrigonaSyrup soaked filo triangles filled to the rim with fresh cream and nuts.
BabasGourmet Greek Doughnuts are always in style!
KorneCream filled puff pastry Ė mmmmm mmmm good!
EclairMade with only the freshest ingredients!
Mini PastesMini versions of our Pastes are available for the calorie conscious.
AnomalaA dark chocolate and almond lovers dream!
Chocolate KokkakiTraditional Kokkakia get a chocolate twist!
SouCream filled puff pastry with almond shavings and icing sugar, YES PLEASE!
Custom KokkakiaAsk us about our custom Kokkakia for your next baptism, birthday or wedding shower.
KokeThe original bad boy thatís as big as some hamburgers!!!
1 thumb Bougatsa, Croissant
2 thumb Kokkakia
3 thumb Pastes
4 thumb Trigona
5 thumb Babas
6 thumb Korne
7 thumb Eclair
8 thumb Mini Pastes
9 thumb Anomala
10 thumb Chocolate Kokkaki
11 thumb Sou
12 thumb Custom Kokkakia
13 thumb Koke


Desserts are a must in Greece and grace every table during special occasions or just even for coffee or tea. You never go to someone’s home without a box filled with these little delectable sweets, and children can’t help but be filled with excitement as one of these boxes is opened up to reveal little bites of sweet goodness.

We offer a huge selection of tradition Greek pastries like Pastes, Mille-feuille, Ekmek, Korne, Babbas, Koke, mini Kokkakia as well as modern day favorites like our Strawberry Tarts and Eclairs. There really are just too many to list here. Come by to see our selection and speak with one of our servers who can help you select sweet treats that will have you coming back for more!

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